Our History

“Radal” was born almost without intending it, I received a basic 20-liter brewing kit as a gift for Father’s Day and the only place available to use it was my house’s basement, as it happens to most of us who started the endless road of beer. It was there that it began to progressively take shape, and after a few years and building modifications, we arrived at my current factory.


Because it is the hill that rooted us in Patagonia, after almost 35 years of living in Buenos Aires, when we were looking for a fresh start.


I started with a small production and only 3 styles of beer. Friends and family were my first guinea pigs. In less than 6 months I bought a 100-liter machine and today I already have a 1,500-liter machine and 11 styles with a good monthly production. This allows us to have clients from Lago Puelo, El Hoyo, El Bolsón and other cities such as Bariloche, Neuquén, Trelew, Rawson, Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia and Buenos Aires. Always with the same goal, to maintain the quality of the product by following the production and hygiene processes and giving the beer the time it needs to round off its flavor before going to market.

Our equipment

In March 2021 we bought a new brewhouse. After civil and gas modifications to expand the capacity of the services in the factory, we were able to operate it in November. This new brewhouse allows us to produce a batch of 1500 liters and meet the demand that we could not comfortably meet with our previous capacity of 500 liters per batch. We pretend to install software that allows us to automate some cooking processes in the near future.

In terms of energy, this new equipment is powered almost entirely by renewable energies that come from the solar panels that we installed in the factory.

Brew Master


The Creator of all flavors

Since we started brewing we have never stopped studying, researching and taking courses. We attended yeast reuse courses through IPATEC, an initial course on foreign trade, a foreign trade diploma (Universidad Austral), Business School courses and a specialization course on brewing (University of Alicante – Spain). We were also part of a project to reuse waste from the Food Industry, among other courses.

We are

# Sustainable Beer

A family business committed to the environment and regional economies.