Sustainable Beer

In Radal Beer we are constantly seeking to add energy efficiency standards and processes that make our production more environmentally friendly. And we are doing everything we can to help the planet and show that beer can be a force for good.

Less impact, better beer

Our goal is to become the most sustainable brewery in the country.

Environmental Policy

The factory is on the same property as our house, and from the beginning we understood that production should not harm our well-being.

That is why we set out to reuse consciously, convinced that economic activities should not compromise the planet.

Waste management

We place special emphasis on the reuse of waste. In this line, with the bagasse from the process we provide food for birds and farm animals.

The yeast reports special benefits in the production of milk from the fields, for feeding.

Additionally, we are developing sustainable cosmetic products, seeking to bring sustainability and reuse to a regional level.

Energy efficiency

We believe that the energy matrix of our country must be reconverted. From our role, we started the path of creating solar energy. Today the factory has solar energy panels without batteries, elements with short autonomy, to reduce the pollution produced by lithium.

Water consumption

We go through a constant process of reflection on the impact of production processes. Regarding water, we have managed to reuse the water used in cooling for irrigation and reduce the number of liters used in washing barrels and cans.


In line with our sustainability policies, we are taking the first steps in creating a line of sustainable cosmetics, based on the use of all the properties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt after the beer production process.

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